Freelance Content Writing


  • Earn Rs.10 - Rs.50 on each article depending on content quality and uniqueness.
  • Because of peoples posting a lot of irrelevant things, we have decided to evaluate an article and award this one time Rs.10 - Rs. 50 on article only after 20 unique views on article.
  • Earn continuously as per number of views on your article.
  • Earning from views depends on time spent by user on your article.
  • If time spent is less that 20 seconds, you will earn Rs. 0.05
  • If time spent is more than 20 seconds, you will earn Rs. 0.10
  • If time spent is more than 1 minute, you will earn Rs. 0.15
  • If time spent is more than 2 minutes, you will earn Rs. 0.25
  • And for every 1000 views, get 10% more, i.e you can earn Rs. 275 for 1000 views from just one Article.

Flexibility and Benefits

  • Write articles anytime you want.
  • Write once, earn forever.
  • You can check article analytics in real time. You can check details about views on your article any time.


  • Articles must not be copied from anywhere.
  • Trying to increase views by using technical methods is strictly prohibited.


  • Before writing articles, search on google/bing for similar articles and write better than those because the moment you submit article here, we send indexing request to search engines and if your content matter is good then your articles will appear in search results which will lead to maximize your earnings.
  • Keep articles length above 1000 words as search engines prefer those content with content length more than thousand words.
  • Make sure the title of article is something people search for or somehow related to what people search for.
  • Try repeating certain keywords related to subject matter 3-4 times in your articles.
  • Must use at least one image as this image will appear in various search results, when anyone share it on facebook, whatsapp etc.